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Day26, Danity Kane, and Donnie J aka Donnie Klang a band and solo artist formed by Sean “Diddy” CombsMTV Making the Band finally released their albums!

The MTV show followed the bands and solo artist, Donnie, process in making their albums. They went through harsh criticisms, tears, and fights but they finally released it! It was much anticipated due to the hype during the show. I haven’t listened to all of their songs but they’re pretty good if you are into hip-hop and R&B.

Danity Kane’s single, Damaged:

Day26’s single, Got Me Going:

Donnie J doesn’t seem to have a music video out yet but his new album is called Come Into My World. If you want to listen to some of his music check out his myspace!


She’s the queen of pop.

She’s always been an entertainer.

She’s looked the same since you can ever remember.

Pop stars want to be just like her.

She debuted in 1982, her last album was called “Confessions on a Dance Floor” in 2005, and now she’s back!

That’s right! Madonna is back with her latest album “Hard Candy” which will be released on April 28, 2008! This CD will contain several featured artists including, Pharrell, Justin Timberlake, and Timbaland. “Hard Candy” is expected to have a hip-hop and R&B feel but still keeping that “Madonna” vibe to it.

Here’s her single “4 Minutes” featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbaland off of her newest album “Hard Candy”

Madonnaprovided by

Our favorite pop star Britney Spears made a risky move. Her most recent music video, “Break the Ice“, doesn’t feature Britney, it features Britney, the animated version!

That’s right. She is now a cartoon character fighting off evil male villains, or so it seems in the music video.

In my opinion, she made a risky move that works! Some may think it’s lame but Britney is always surprising her audience with something different and new! While for some artists, making themselves a cartoon character may not work, it works for Britney.

This video screams fierce!

Spears is slowly starting to recover and we all wish her the best! Check out “Break the Ice” by Britney Spears below.

Yup! Jordin Sparks, season 6 American Idol, and Chris Brown decided to work together! Although their duet, “No Air” was featured in her 2007 album, “Jordin Sparks“, it wasn’t until recently that their music video came to the surface.

Their duet in this music video is passionate and anyone should be able to tell that they both are great musicians for such a young age.  Not only do both their voices purely and melodically just flow through the entire song but this song is passionate, and that’s why I love it!

Jesse McCartney–YoungerImage Provided by google

This was Jesse McCartney just two years ago. In 2003, he’s won the hearts of young girls with his songs “Beautiful Soul” and “She’s No You”.

Now he’s back and he’s more mature than ever! His new album “Departure” will be released in May of this year. His single, “Leavin” sure is leaving up a stir with fans all over! His music video is no longer cutesy and childlike, it’s mature and a bit more provocative. There isn’t too much to say except that McCartney is all grown up! Check out what I’m talking about yourself–

“Big Bang” is a Korean hip hop and r&b group that composes of five members. The youngest Seungri, age 17, Dae Sung, age 18, Tae Yang, age 19, T.O.P, age 20, and the leader G-Dragon, age 19, are the most sought after by female fans of all ages.

Debuting in 2006 with their first single, “This Love” and second single “Big Bang is VIP” won fans’ hearts all over Korea. Due to such great success right off the bat, these boys have decided to make a debut album in Japan this year. The funny thing is, their Japanese album is sung in English. All of it! Despite their odd decision of making a Japanese album all in English, their album, “For the World” was debuted at #14 than #10 on the Oricon charts. Apparently, this was a successful surprise because there were no huge promotions that were done in Japan for this album or for this boy band. These young guys stated in an interview once that their dreams are to debut in America one day. They only hope that they can advance their musicality to do so in the near future.

Just for fun, I made a Big Bang CD for a few of my friends who weren’t Asian and had them listen to it just to see their reactions. Surprisingly they all enjoyed their music and said that it was a lot of fun. Their English was a little off but they said that the music itself was great to listen to, especially if you like hip hop and r&b.

Check out their single, “How Gee“, off of their “For The World” album. This song is a remix of the original version by Black Machine.


Can everyone be on broadway nowadays?

Nicole Richie‘s father may be Lionel Richie, but this is one star that people have a hard time believing that she can be singer.

All over the celebrity gossip sites, such as Perez Hilton and Pop Crunch, states that there are rumors of the new mom and girlfriend of Joel Madden, playing the role of Roxie Hart in Chicago!

Richie is apparently a trained musician as well as a dancer. She is seriously considering in moving to New York City with boyfriend Joel Madden and their daughter to make this really happen!

I really want to know how the outcome of this will be.

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