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[my guilty pleasure]
lupe fiasco-superstar
jesse mccartney-leavin’
usher-love in this club
usher ft. beyonce & lil’ wayne-love in this club pt.2
leona lewis-better in time
miley cyrus-see you again


The newly engaged singer, Ashlee Simpson recently performed one of her songs from her album “Bittersweet World” on the “Today” show.

I really have nothing more to say except that she sounded, well to be quite frank, horrible. At least she looks good.

Check it out for yourself.

It happened! Madonna‘s album leaked onto the Internet!

Sources say that the songs in the album aren’t all hip-hop unlike the single 4 Minutes.

First, her six songs Give It 2 Me, Heartbeat, Incredible, Miles Away, Beat Goes On, and She’s Not Me leaked onto the internet. Now… all of the album is out for people to hear!

The worst thing that an artist dreads has happened to Madonna…butI don’t think this will stop people from buying her CD. I mean, it’s MADONNA!

Alicia Keys--

photo credit: google images

That’s right! I keep on falling in love with Alicia Keys music!

I looked back at my old posts and realized that I never wrote about Alicia Keys! Her newest album “As I Am”
came out in 2007. Her hit single “No One” peaked number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart as soon as it came out. Her album also peaked number one on the Billboard Hot 200 chart the first week the CD was sold. That alone speaks for itself on how great her CD is but after listening to it myself I must say that she is an amazing singer and musician. This CD is a must have! So it’s not too late if you don’t have one now! Go get it!



I’m definitely a fan of musicals, “Grease“, “Rent“, “Sound of Music“, “Wicked“…the list goes on. But “High School Musical” was only good after their first one, after that, it all went downhill. There are those who are obsessed with the movies, all three of them, but I honestly just don’t understand it. Bunch of teens singing in the basketball court, a guy teeny bopper singing an inspirational song among the grassy field…I guess it’s just not my style.

Maybe I’ll give “High School Musical 4” a chance. Maybe.

High School Musical -- Disney

photo credit: Disney

Mariah Carey came out with a hit single, “Touch My Body“. The bad news is, she is being accused of lipsynching all her recent performances! The amazing singer known to have a phenomenal voice is lipsynching!? I don’t want to believe it but people are arguing that in her recent performances on German idol and the Paul O’Grady Show, she is definitely getting help from her recorded music. Her fans are disappointed at the fact that her performance is also boring.

Is Mariah losing her touch? I hope not!

photo credit:

It’s true! I’m sure many of you have already heard the news! Singer Beyonce Knowles is finally married to rapper Jay-Z!

After six years of dating, the two have tied the knot on April 4, 2008 in New York City. Apparently, the reason for this particular wedding date was that Beyonce’s birthday is on September 4, and Jay-Z’s birthday is on December 4. How cute!!

Congratulations to two great musicians! I hope they have a long and healthy marriage!!

Leona Lewis, the winner of the X Factor is officially the third UK female artist to hit #1 in the US! Not only that, but she broke the world record for having the song “A Moment Like This”  downloaded 50,000 times in the matter of 30 minutes!

Her second single, “Bleeding Love” is  causing a stir here in America and reached the Billboards Hot 100 this year.

At first, I was hesitant about this song for no apparent reason at all but I’m glad I gave it a listen because it’s addictive! Her voice is amazing, she’s beautiful, and she definitely brings so much talent to the table…she can actually sing!

Below is the video of her second single, “Bleeding Love” but also check out my personal favorites, “Better in Time” and “Footprints in the Sand

Day26, Danity Kane, and Donnie J aka Donnie Klang a band and solo artist formed by Sean “Diddy” CombsMTV Making the Band finally released their albums!

The MTV show followed the bands and solo artist, Donnie, process in making their albums. They went through harsh criticisms, tears, and fights but they finally released it! It was much anticipated due to the hype during the show. I haven’t listened to all of their songs but they’re pretty good if you are into hip-hop and R&B.

Danity Kane’s single, Damaged:

Day26’s single, Got Me Going:

Donnie J doesn’t seem to have a music video out yet but his new album is called Come Into My World. If you want to listen to some of his music check out his myspace!

On Friday, March 14, 2008, our favorite brothers performed live at my very own school, George Mason University, in the Patriot Center!

Jonas Brothers

Imaged Provided by Google

The Jonas Brothers are no longer opening shows for the very popular Hannah Montana or….Miley Cyrus–they’re flying solo!

The members of the band Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas are dreaming big at a young age. Nick was actually the one who was found by professionals and the brothers decided to form a band once Nick was signed to Columbia Records (now they are signed under Hollywood Records since February 2007).

They’re self-titled second album, Jonas Brothers, was released in the year 2007 of August and reached number five on the Billboard Hot 200 chart in its first week. They are becoming more successful by the minute!

I could not believe that people actually liked listening to these “kids” but after listening to their song, “When You Look Me In the Eyes,” I knew I judged them too fast.

They’re great! They may be “little” or better said, young, but they’re music is big. Check them out!

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