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Our favorite pop star Britney Spears made a risky move. Her most recent music video, “Break the Ice“, doesn’t feature Britney, it features Britney, the animated version!

That’s right. She is now a cartoon character fighting off evil male villains, or so it seems in the music video.

In my opinion, she made a risky move that works! Some may think it’s lame but Britney is always surprising her audience with something different and new! While for some artists, making themselves a cartoon character may not work, it works for Britney.

This video screams fierce!

Spears is slowly starting to recover and we all wish her the best! Check out “Break the Ice” by Britney Spears below.


I first found about Sara Bareilles from a free itunes gift card that I received from Starbucks.

Thank God I did because she is so good! Sara is a gifted singer who is most known for her song titled, “Love Song”. Her album called “Little Voice”, was released this year and includes songs about her past relationships, her inner battles with trusting her instincts, and her insecurities. Right now she is on VH1’s You Oughta Know tour with James Blunt. So if you’re in the area you better check her out ASAP! Or check out one of her songs right here and get a feel for her music!

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