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“Big Bang” is a Korean hip hop and r&b group that composes of five members. The youngest Seungri, age 17, Dae Sung, age 18, Tae Yang, age 19, T.O.P, age 20, and the leader G-Dragon, age 19, are the most sought after by female fans of all ages.

Debuting in 2006 with their first single, “This Love” and second single “Big Bang is VIP” won fans’ hearts all over Korea. Due to such great success right off the bat, these boys have decided to make a debut album in Japan this year. The funny thing is, their Japanese album is sung in English. All of it! Despite their odd decision of making a Japanese album all in English, their album, “For the World” was debuted at #14 than #10 on the Oricon charts. Apparently, this was a successful surprise because there were no huge promotions that were done in Japan for this album or for this boy band. These young guys stated in an interview once that their dreams are to debut in America one day. They only hope that they can advance their musicality to do so in the near future.

Just for fun, I made a Big Bang CD for a few of my friends who weren’t Asian and had them listen to it just to see their reactions. Surprisingly they all enjoyed their music and said that it was a lot of fun. Their English was a little off but they said that the music itself was great to listen to, especially if you like hip hop and r&b.

Check out their single, “How Gee“, off of their “For The World” album. This song is a remix of the original version by Black Machine.


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